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Psychological Sciences at MU
Victoria Osborne

Victoria Osborne, Tutor

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
704 Clark Hall
(573) 884-2336

Research area(s):

Substance Use Disorders in Women; Substance Misuse in Older Women; Assessment of Addictions in Primary Care; Comorbitity of Addictions and Mental Illness; Health Promotion/Health Behaviors.


Bright, C. L., Osborne, V. A., & Grief, G. (in press). One dozen considerations when working with women in substance abuse treatment. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs.

McMillen, J. C., Lenze, S. L., Hawley, K. M., & Osborne, V. A.. (2009) Revisiting practice-based research networks as a platform for mental health services research. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 5, 308-21. PMID: 19399606.

North, C. S., Munro-Kienstra D, Osborne, V. A., Dokucu, M. E., Vassilenko, M., Hong, B., Wetzel, R. D., & Spitznagel, E. L. (2006). Interrater reliability and coding guide for nonpsychotic formal thought disorder. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 103, 395-411. PMID: 17165403.

Pollio, D. E., North, C. S., & Osborne, V. A. (2002). Family-responsive psychoeducation groups for families with an adult member with mental illness: Pilot results. Community Mental Health Journal, 5, 413-421.   PMID: 12236411.

Pollio, D. E., North, C. S., Osborne, V. A., Kap, N., & Foster, D. A. (2001). The impact of psychiatric diagnosis and family system relationship on problems identified by families coping with a member with mental illness. Family Process, 2, 200-220. PMID: 11444057.

Stiffman, A. R., Alexander-Eitzman, B., Silmere, H., Osborne, V. A., & Brown, E. (2007). From early to late adolescence: American Indian youth's behavioral trajectories and their major influences. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 7, 849-858. PMID: 17581449.

Stiffman, A. R., Freedenthal, S., Dore, P., Ostmann, E., Osborne, V. A., & Silmere H. (2006). The role of providers in mental health services offered to American-Indian youths. Psychiatric Services, 8, 1185-1191. PMID: 16870971.

Yu, M., North, C. S., LaVesser, P., & Osborne, V. A.. (2008). A comparison study of psychiatric and behavior disorders and cognitive ability among homeless and housed children. Community Mental Health Journal, 1, 1-10. PMID: 17641971.

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