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Psychological Sciences at MU
M. Lynne Cooper

M. Lynne Cooper, Preceptor

Curators' Professor
105 McAlester Hall
Adolescent & Young Adult Health Risk Study

Research area(s):

My research focuses broadly on issues of risk-taking and adjustment, particularly among adolescents and young adults. I am especially interested in understanding how personality, efforts to manage or regulate one's emotional experience, and distinct motivations and goals individually and collectively drive risk-taking behaviors and promote or undermine adjustment. More recent work focuses on understanding the interplay of individual level factors such as these with close relationship dynamics as they influence sexual behavior and both individual and dyadic adjustment.


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Cooper, M.L., Barber, L., Zhaoyang, R., & Talley, A.E. (2011). Motivational pursuits in the context of human sexual relationships. Journal of Personality, 79 (6), 1031-1066. 

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