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Psychological Sciences at MU
Andrew Heath

Andrew Heath, Tutor

Spenser T. Olin Professor of Psychiatry (Wash U) and Adjunct Professor of Psychological Sciences (MU)
Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis

Research area(s):

  • Behavioral and psychiatric genetics, genetic epidemiology, particularly focusing on the interplay of genetic and environmental risk factors in the etiology of substance use disorder, of affective disorders, and of personality and personality disorders
  •  Prospective high-risk studies of adolescent twins/siblings and their families, and of twin pairs and their adolescent offspring
  • Formulation of models, development and implementation of methods of data analysis, and data collection to resolve the joint contributions of genetic and environmental risk factors, and their covariation and interaction, to risk of psychiatric disorder, and to behavioral variation
  • Dissection of genetic and non-genetic causes for the familial aggregation of risk


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