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Psychological Sciences at MU
Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller, Tutor

Associate Professor
212C McAlester Hall
Behavioral Pharmacology Laboratory

Research area(s):

My research is in neuropsychopharmacology, with an interest in the development of pharmacotherapies for drug addiction and neurodegnerative disorders.  Currently, we are investigating novel targets for treatments for methamphetamine abuse and addiction. We have recently determined that ligands for sigma receptors can alter methamphetamine's neurochemical and behavioral properties.

My second research focus has been on the causes of and treatments for neurodegenerative disorders. Our research has determined that environmental exposure to "heavy" metals, such as cadmium, can cause a degeneration of striatal dopamine neurons (Miller, Dopheide et al., 2005), which might contribute to the development of Parkinson disease and schizophrenia. Ongoing research is investigating how drugs of abuse, such as tobacco, that inherently contain "heavy" metals may contribute to cadmium exposure and, subsequently, neurodegenerative disorders.   

Finally, my laboratory has established a collaborative research program to investigate the development and progression of Alzheimer disease and stroke. Collectively, we have investigated how ethanol, polyphenols and lobeline can be neuroprotective and prevent behavioral impairments in rodent disease models (Wang et al., 2005, 2007).


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