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Psychological Sciences at MU
Susan O'Neill

Susan O'Neill, Clinical supervisor

Student Health Center, University of Missouri

Research area(s):

  • problematic alcohol use in college students
  • brief motivational interventions for alcohol, drugs, and tobacco
  • online assessment, feedback and intervention


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O’Neill, S. E., & Sher, K. J. (2000). Physiological alcohol dependence symptoms in early adulthood: A longitudinal perspective. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 8, 493-508. PMID: 11127421.

O’Neill, S. E., Parra, G. R., & Sher, K. J. (2001). Clinical relevance of heavy drinking during the college years: Cross-sectional and prospective perspectives. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 15, 818-829. PMID: 11767268.

O’Neill, S. E., Sher, K. J., Jackson, K. M., & Wood, P. K. (2003). Dimensionality of alcohol dependence in young adulthood: Current vs. lifetime symptomatology. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 64, 495-499. PMID: 12921191.

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