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Psychological Sciences at MU
Wendy Slutske

Wendy Slutske, Preceptor

212A McAlester Hall
Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory

Research area(s):

  • the etiology and comorbidity of alcohol use disorders and other addictive/disinhibitory disorders (e.g. pathological gambling, antisocial behavior disorders) among women versus men;
  • explaining the genetic and environmental underpinnings of alcohol use disorders and other addictive/disinhibitory disorders;
  • the description and classification of addictive/disinhibitory disorders -- recent work in this area has focused on better describing individual differences in the course of disordered gambling and disordered drinking behavior.

Most of my research employs the study of twins, the families (offspring) of twins, or large representative epidemiologic surveys of the general population.


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Meier, M. H.*, Slutske, W. S., Arndt, S., & Cadoret, R. J .  (2007). Positive alcohol expectancies partially mediate the relation between delinquent behavior and alcohol use:  Generalizability across age, sex, and race in a cohort of 85,000 Iowa schoolchildren.  Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 21, 25-34. PMID: 17385952.

Meier, M. H.*, Slutske, W. S., Arndt, S., & Cadoret, R. J.  (2008). Impulsive and callous traits are more strongly associated with delinquent behavior in higher risk neighborhoods among boys and girls.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 117, 377-385. PMID: 18489213.

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Slutske, W. S., Piasecki, T. M., Ellingson, J. M.*, & Martin, N. G. (2010).  The family history method in disordered gambling research: A comparison of reports from discordant twin pairs.  Twin Research and Human Genetics, 13, 340-346. PMID: 20707704.

Slutske, W. S., Zhu, G., Meier, M. H.*, & Martin, N. G. (2010). Genetic and environmental influences on disordered gambling in men and women. Archives of General Psychiatry, 67, 624-630.  PMID: 20530012.

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