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Psychological Sciences at MU

Doug Steinley, Preceptor

21 McAlester Hall
573 882 2583

Research area(s):

Dr. Steinley has a broad background in statistical methodology as applied to questions arising within the psychological sciences.  His specific expertise is in the domain of multivariate statistical procedures (primarily, cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling) and social network analysis.  


Brusco M. J., & Steinley D. (2010). K-balance partitioning: An exact method with applications to generalized structural balance and other psychological contexts. Psychological Methods, 15, 124-44. PMID: 20515236.

Brusco M. J., & Steinley D. (2011). Exact and approximate algorithms for variable selection in linear discriminant analysis. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 55, 123-31.

Brusco M. J., & Steinley D. (in press). A tabu search heuristic for deterministic two-mode blockmodeling of binary network matrices. Psychometrika.

Brusco M. J., & Steinley D. (in press). Estimation of the Pareto efficient set for multiobjective matrix permutation problems, British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology.

Brusco M. J., Doreian P., Mrvar A., & Steinley D. (2011). Two algorithms for relaxed structural balance partitioning: Linking theory, models and data to understand social network phenomena. Sociological Methods and Research, 40, 57-87. (alphabetical order of authorship)

Brusco M. J., Doriean P., Mrvar A., & Steinley D. (in press). An exact algorithm for blockmodeling of two-mode network data. Journal of Mathematical Sociology, (alphabetical order of authorship).

Brusco M. J., Steinley D. (2010). Hierarchically well-formulated best subsets for polynomial regression: A variable neighborhood search heuristic with embedded constrained tabu search. Naval Logistics Quarterly, 57, 33-44.

Cain A.S., Epler A. J.*, Steinley D, & Sher K. J. (2010). Longitudinal patterns of weight/shape self-judgment and eating-related behavior in young adult women: A latent transition analysis. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 119, 255-67. PMID: 20455598  PMCID: PMC2890248.

Köhn H-F., Steinley D., & Brusco M. J. (2010). The p-median model as a tool for clustering psychological data. Psychological Methods, 15, 87-95. PMID: 20230105.

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Martinez J.A.*, Steinley D., & Sher K. J.  (2010). Deliberately inducing alcoholism? Empirical introduction to a novel health risk. Addiction, 105, 1767-70. PMID: 20840199.

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Steinley, D., Brusco, M.J. (in press). Testing for validity and choosing the number of clusters in K-means clustering. Psychological Methods.

Vergés A.*, Steinley D., Trull T. J., & Sher K. J. (2010). It’s the algorithm! Why differential rates of chronicity and comorbidity are not evidence for the validity of the abuse-dependence distinction. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 119, 650-61. PMID: 20853915  PMCID: PMC2991613.

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